Ionela Eva Harhata

What one should expect to see by looking at my art is a series of expressions of my complicated journey through this world. It started out on 20th of April, 1981, during the most oppressive period of communism experienced in Romania, from a family with deep roots in a very isolated village in the Moldova region of Romania. The Revolution of 1989 brought communism to an abrupt end, which I was observing and experiencing fully from my childhood home close to the heart of Bucharest. Even more traumatizing was the economic instability that followed, a period of time closely resembling that of the Economic Depression of the 1930’s in the United States. In 2000 I moved to Colorado, just in time for my first and most loved American Holiday, Thanksgiving. But my experience living in Colorado can be best described by magnificent natural beauty all around, and at the same time darkness and horror. September 11th attack happened too. Shortly after I moved to Atlanta, in 2002, and the US entered its longest war on record, I enrolled in Georgia State University from which I graduated with a degree in International Affairs and a minor in French. All the while I’ve been observing and trying to understand the world, American culture, and all aspects of my new environment. Perhaps the most evident part of the Atlanta local vibration to my art is the African American culture. In 2012 my daughter Sophia was born into this world and she brought out the most central part of my artistic expression: “Sophia and The Christmas Tree.”